Dressed to impress

It’s your turn to shine! Come and choose a historic costume from our partners, Le Vestiaire: we can provide costumes for you and your guests, thanks to our extensive collection of garments. Our costumes are faithful reconstructions of historic dress, from the age of antiquity to the roaring twenties, not forgetting the renaissance, Louis XIV’s “Great century”, Napoleon’s Empire, the Venice Carnival… We will strive to create the perfect evening, a masquerade ball and our make-up artists, hairdressers and wigmakers, who also work for the Paris Opera as well as historic films, will bring about your dazzling transformation! Imagine a masquerade ball accompanied by an orchestra with the special addition of a choreographer to inspire your guests to take part in a historic dance.

"Men to go back in time"

"the performing arts - Rueil 2013"