A spectacular evening

Allow us to make yours an evening to remember with our artistic productions, whether it be through music, theatre or dance. Our artists, dressed in either period costumes or dressed to suit the location that you choose (château, museum, theatre, residence, outdoors), can offer you a musical journey, a spectacular show or historic entertainment, all tailored to recreate your vision. We will carefully design the whole event based on a theme you choose. Let us know the theme you desire for your event or alternatively, we will be delighted to provide inspiration for your choice. Midnight PREMIÈRE has already organized over a hundred evenings in the most historically prestigious locations in France, providing for many different themes such as “Versailles for an evening…”, “Celebrations with Marie-Antoinette”, “Offenbach and Napoleon III” and “Parisian life in the golden age”…

A night in Versailles

Great Renaissance festival in Castle of Boucard